THE STONEHOUSE is Stylist Andrea Menke's tiny Boutique filled with found objects and handcrafted goods she collects on her travels all around the world.

Set in an old barber shop in the small village of Delhi NY in the Western Catskill Mountains, a step inside is like stumbling upon a miniature bazaar in the heart of Delaware County. Stocked with nearly all a collector of "Everything Beautiful" could ever want -  from Moroccan tribal rugs, handmade Spanish knives, Brooklyn made leather goods, piles of linens to an exquisite collection of locally hand-blended teas - there's the promise that no trip will ever be alike as she continuously finds new treasures to display.

"I am a compulsive collector and definitely a bit of a shopaholic. I needed an outlet where I could share the treasures that were spilling out of my house. I found this charming little store just at the right time, it was perfect. I am surrounded with all the beautiful things that I love and my customers are having as much fun as I do."