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This stunning runner comes originally from the province of AZILAL in the Beni Mellal region. These beautiful creations are single knotted and hand woven in wool with abstract, intricate patterns and symbolism. Azilal rugs are one of a kind pieces of art in which the rural, tribal woman of this region tells her story. Each rug is an intimate testimony that symbolizes the weavers identity and family heritage. No two rugs are ever the same!

The wool of this runner is made of un-dyed natural, brown and black sheep wool.

Please note: This is a vintage item and you should expect to see evidence of wear, potentially some reparations and slight ‘imperfections’, which I believe add to the character and charm of the rug.

Materials: 100% Sheep Wool,

Condition: Perfect Vintage

Age: 30-50 Y

Shipping Dimensions: 23.0" X 23.0" X 5.0"