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This is a very long, vintage, handwoven Moroccan Kilim. It’s a beautiful flat-weave rug, laced with meaning and cultural significance. These rugs are heirloom pieces that age well and are embedded with the living histories of the weavers, the symbols of their tribal regions.

While the process of weaving is the same throughout Morocco, the colors, textures, and patterns vary greatly from one region to the next.
Wool is a staple for the Amazigh People, whose nomadic lifestyle included sheep and goat herding.

Please note: This is a vintage item and you should expect to see evidence of wear, potentially some reparations and slight ‘imperfections’, which I believe add to the character and charm of the rug. Please be sure to study the detail pictures to see the repairs.

Shipping Dimensions: 12.0" X 20.0" X 12.0"